The South Branch of ITRI set up an energy-saving and environment friendly flexible color electronic paper equipment and application alliance!

    ITRI South Branch held an annual presentation of the annual results in the Rokko Campus of Tainan on the 19th of Dec. It published 40 technical results under the theme of "smart manufacturing and tomorrow's life", and outlined the future development opportunities and shapes of South Taiwan's industries. appearance. On that day, ITRI cooperated with domestic academia (Tainan University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science and Technology), as well as the industry to promote the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly flexible color electronic paper industry, combining system manufacturers (microprogram information, Portalinks Technology, Himax Optoelectronics, Wayton Technology, etc.), design manufacturers (Iris Optoelectronics), materials manufacturers (Kua Sen Enterprise, Oike (Japan), Taiwan Kangdexin), manufacturers Taiwan FLEXD and equipment manufacturers (HANKY Taiwan) , E-SUN Precision Industry, Group-Up Industrial, Contrel Technology, Kingyoup Optronics, etc.), totally 19 production, academia and research units jointly promote the equipment and application alliance.


    The counselor, Dr. Liao of this plan host of the South Branch of ITRI, who played the role of pusher, said that the color electronic paper is characterized by its paper-like characteristics (memory saving power, light and thin, not easy to break, etc.), and combined with related information technology (cloud, RFID, NFC, etc.) It will promote the replacement of paper-related applications in daily life. For example, card applications such as MRT, high-speed rail, and banks, outdoor displays, large advertising boards, and educational electronic textbooks, etc., the flexible color electronic paper industry will flourish. Integrating the entire supply chain of the upsteam, midsteam and downsteam, and working together under the current foundation and with the assistance of the government, will accelerate the development of energy-saving and environment friendly flexible color electronic paper industry.