Iris enter digital whiteboard market and cooperate with Wicue Optoelectronics Co., Ltd to exclusively sell its digital whiteboards

  2017-12-18 In 2018, Iris made a new breakthrough to enter into the education market, and strategically cooperated with Wicue Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to exclusively sell its digital whiteboards and other products. Wicue Optoelectronics has entered the education market for many years, and its various smart teaching products have been the leader of teaching tablet in the Chinese market; Wicue Optoelectronics has cultivated e-book technology for many years. In addition to its exclusive formula for cholesterol liquid crystal, it also has a large-scale flexible panel mass production. As a solution, Iris and Wicue Optoelectronics ’strategic technologies will lift each other to another level, and explore the market of cholesteric liquid crystal technology with education as the starting point. In the future, cholesteric liquid crystal technology will be deployed in more fields of products, and it is expected to serve the global environment In addition, it also brings people a healthy and convenient life.