The company was founded in 2012 in Tainan Tree Valley Park, mainly engaged in flexible electronics technology R&D and integration, innovative product design, and processing equipment development. The responsibility of corporate culture is to achieve Eco-friendly and protection of the next generation through technological innovations with persistently improving on Eco-related technology. While people enjoy innovative technology, they treasure Earth's environment more.
  • Comany Timeline

  • Business Concept
  • Core value of company culture: Discipline、 Professional、Innovation

    Lead the world's flexible electronic technology

    Provide the solution of Eco-innovative applications

    Energy saving, environmental protection, love the earth
  • Strategy
  • The company's core competitiveness delivers the services of fabless model that concentrate on innovative applications and new business models.

    With the development of the essential patent layout and gathering strategic flexible electronic alliance, it finalizes the solution of business including:
    (1) mass production equipment
    (2) key material
    (3) product design
    (4) application system

    By providing the total solution to the strategic partners, it accelerates creative industry and builds all aspects of win-win situation.

    Meanwhile, fostering the talents of flexible electronic technology and product development helps the alliance to reach the prestige of globally forward-looking and a world leader in this field.

  • Social Responsibility
  • The Eco-innovation activates stimulate strategic alliance and contribute a new wave of innovative output.
  • Partnership